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Friday, February 3, 2017

SYNOPSIS REVEAL: Rock Her Hard (Rock Her Series #1) by Alyson Hale

Rock Her Hard (Rock Her Series #1)
by Alyson Hale
Release Date: April 5th, 2017

When Kyri Calloway's wildest dream comes true, she finds it hard to believe...

Life has never been easy as the daughter of a deadbeat dad, especially one who left the family to pursue his music dreams. Even so, Kyri has never been able to shake her insane attraction to rock stars, especially one in particular--Jace Hawthorne.

When the sexy front man of the British rock band, Filthy Bangers, shows up out of nowhere in Kyri's small town, she thinks it's too good to be true. Especially when Jace takes an interest in her. Things like that don't happen to nobodies like her. What else could the rock god with smoldering amber eyes that speak of sin be hiding?

Jace Hawthorne didn't come to Georgia looking for love...

When his manager convinced him to come to Georgia as a personal favor, Jace never imagined getting caught up in a plot to reunite a father with his estranged daughter. It started out as a lure, as bait, but after meeting the fiery, curvy redhead, Jace can't help but feel he's found what he's been unconsciously searching for his entire life.

Their passion and chemistry is hard to ignore, but when secret agreements are involved, the truth always comes out in the end, and it's ugly. Will Kyri believe Jace when he tells her it was more than just a favor?

Or will he be forced to chase down the woman of his dreams?

NOTE: This 18+ novella is sexy, sweet, and full of sass, just like every perfect Southern Belle should be. If you love dirty-talking alpha males, sinfully curvy virgins, guaranteed HEAs, and British rock stars, don't delay that one-click any longer!

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